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10 Steps To A Killer Squeeze Page


I’ve got something very interesting today, that I think you will find very useful when it comes to a killer squeeze page that converts well.

So step 1: Your Headline – The most important aspect of your squeeze page, is not the graphics, it’s not the template, it is however the headline. Your headline is what gets people taking action on what you have to offer. If your headline isn’t catchy then forget about building a list, and making lots of money. Your headline should be a strong benefit for whatever they are signing up too crucial.

Step 2: Always place the opt-in box above the fold – If you are offering something of value, and they have to scroll down to enter their name and email address, then you will get less signups than if you were to put the opt-in box above the fold. In over words the top half of the page, so they don’t have to scroll down to see it.

Step 3: Put the opt-in box in the upper right of the screen – When someone comes to your website they start to read from left to right, so their eyes will naturally gravitate to the form.

Step 4: Make the opt-in the main focus – If you were to go to a website for information on a topic, and you were hit with to many options, then you would search somewhere else. Don’t confuse the visitor with too many options.

Step 5: Place the main benefits’ of your offer using bullet points – In every Killer Squeeze Page you will see the main benefits’ of a good offer. Bullets points also break up the page visually, which means your message hits your reader’s eyeballs right way.

Step 6: Use the word FREE! – FREE is one of the most powerful word ever, when people hear or see the word FREE they are more likely to take action.

Step 7: Give a Valuable FREE incentive for subscribing – giving value is very important in order to grow your business. If people see the value in your FREE material then they are more likely to buy your paid material. Always offer 10x more value as well.

Step 8: Show an attractive image of your offer or product – by showing an image of your offer, people will be more likely to take action. because they are seeing what they getting, before they sign up.

Step 9: Only ask for the name and email address or email only – If people have to enter in there address and phone number, then they are more likely not to enter their details in (Less Conversions) The less information you ask for, the higher your conversions will be!

Step 10: Have a privacy statement and/or a link to your privacy policy, As much as people hate spam, they are sceptical of giving away the name and email, by letting them know that there information is safe. they will feel safe entering the details in.

So that’s it 10 Steps To A Killer Squeeze Page, always have this check list the next time you a designing your squeeze page.

Speak to you soon

Daniel Howard

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  1. Aug 26, 2009

    Joe Fier

    Hey Daniel,

    These are some fantastic tips to designing a top notch squeeze page.

    As I am starting to produce video squeeze pages (which actually convert much higher than written sales pages), I’ll have this list printed out right next to me!

    Thanks again and I’ll be looking for future tips to come!

    Joe Fier

  2. Aug 26, 2009

    Daniel Howard

    Hi Joe

    Thank for your kind comment, And hope these steps will come in handy for you.for your next (killer) video squeeze page…

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  16. Feb 21, 2010


    This a an amazing post. Currently I am doing a squeeze page.
    So i have no clue am I doing it right or wrong but after i read this post,
    I can see a lot of idea of how to increase the conversion rate.
    I think it is time for me to print it out and paste it to my desk.
    Good job:)


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