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Some of you may know I run a small SEO company and I use a software tool called Market Samurai to keep track on my rankings and my competition. As part of our SEO strategy we use Article Marketing as a way of providing top quality content in-exchange for a backlink or two. 

Article marketing has it’s good and bad reasons, but you can bring in some targeted traffic from your rankings in Google and other search engines via doing Article Marketing.

Anyway The Noble Samurai team who created Market Samurai which by the way is a must have tool for your competition analysis, have come out with another new tool called you guessed it Article Samurai.

They sold out within hours to 500 people and I managed to sign-up and get my hands on it.

After using it now for 1 month I’m very happy with my results so far. I use lots of free and paid tools and we used a software called Senuke X as part of SEO strategy which can be very effective if used the right way, if you were to abuse that tool then your days of ranking in Google and other search engines are over I promise, but does deliver some good results if used correctly.

Here are some results from using Article Samurai

In Article Samurai you can choose to show all Backlinks for your keyword or just within the 30 days. The results you are looking at are within those 30 days.

Pension Market: Keyword Pension Release, over 600 new Backlinks to the page for our keyword.

Article Samurai Results 2

Wholesale Candles Market: Keyword Candle, over 800 new Backlinks for our keyword.

Article Samurai Candle Results

Internet Marketing: Keyword get money quick over 200 new Backlinks and 146 new Backlinks for keyword I didn’t even choose.

Internet Marketing Results

These are just 3 of about 30 keywords that I’m currently testing from when I started using Article Samurai instead of Senuke X my results have been better, that’s not to say Senuke X does not work because it does. I used Senuke X for over 8 Months and have good and not so good results but it all depends on how aggressive you use it.

The guys at Nobel Samurai really know there stuff when it comes to SEO and getting quality results. By using Article Samurai as part of our Article Marketing we have never seen results like this so fast.

Article Samurai is also known for its ease and how fast you can use it. They say it takes you around 5 to 10 minutes per day to do your Article Marketing. I mange to do all this in around 25 minutes.

Here is how Article Samurai Works 

Assuming you have already have your keyword you are targeting.

  • Copy and paste your minimum 300 word Article.
  • Add your Title of Article
  • The Body Copy
  • Your Resource Box
  • Add Your Keywords
  • Add your 3 links to the Article
  • Hit the spin button on the left panel (Does Amazing Accurate Spins of your Article)
  • If you want to you can Manually spin your Article as well
  • Hit the Syndicate button and your name, Category and that’s it they do all the rest for you.

Article Samurai Process

Article Samurai for me has got to be the best on the market right now, It’s easy It’s incredibly fast, your Article spins are perfect and the quality of backlinks that you get and the results I’ve seen are pretty good compared to all the other hype out there claiming instant results overnight.

Hope you enjoyed me sharing some results with you and I’ll post more updates soon.

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