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When I went to Lee Mcintyre’s Workshop


 I recently attended Lee McIntyre’s Inside Out / Upside Down Momentum Workshop in Manchester, It was my first workshop that I’d ever been to, and I have to say what an incredible workshop it was. Well It’s Friday, and WOW what a week it has been, Time for a chill this weekend and watch the footy I think.

I got a personal email from Lee McIntyre’s Operations Manger James Teale, offering me a ticket to Lee’s first workshop. And if your not familiar with Lee Mcintyre, then shame on you, because this guy is totally oblivious to all other Internet marketers out there, that just don’t share the ins and outs of what it takes to build a real business.

So after receiving the email from James, I thought to myself I can’t miss this amazing opportunity to meet Lee & James again, so considering I live in Manchester I just had to go.

After getting there at 8:30am in the morning, I was one of the first to be there, and was anxious to learn and see Lee perform at his workshop. So after the first 2 sessions of the event, It was time for a quick break, My mind was going round in circles because it all started to make sense to me what I needed to do, and taking it to the next level.

So I was heading out for some fresh air, and saw Dave Nickelson, And Dean Holland heading for the bar, So I gets a beer, and says Hi to them. and it was a great pleasure to meet them, It was also great to see how they run there businesses.

So it was time to head back to the workshop, and finish the first day. After Lee had finished I was completely blow away with what he shared and it all started to make sense to me, and to know what it takes to build a real business, that just keeps on growing with momentum.

So long story short, after the workshop we headed to weather-spoons for a bite to eat and a beer, and chat about what we had just seen, and met some great people. And I promised myself I would go home and get a good night sleep for day 2 of Lee’s workshop.

BUT NO!! me being me, I could see some of the marketers wanted to head into town for a few more beers, and Dave Nicholson, Dean Holland, Randy Smith and a few more, were going to. so town it was, It got to like 2.30am in the morning and turned into a great night.

BUT I had way to many beers, and new I had to be there again the next day, I woke up the next day – to find that it was 11:30am in the morning (I OVERSLEPT) I couldn’t believe it. a great tip for you if you go to an event, Don’t let yourself have to many beers lol. But all in all It was a pleasure to go to Lee’s Workshop and hope Lee forgive me for not turning up the next day with a hangover :’)

If you want to grow your business quicker, you need to get yourself to a workshop, Lee really does deliver in what he says, Personally I’ve gone through courses, and courses, but you will never ever succeed to your expectations if you don’t listen and learn what LEE MCINTYRE has to say.

Sorry for the long post, but I feel it was important to let you see that going to one of these life changing workshops, you get more momentum quicker than you would in a course.

Take care, and talk to you soon.


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  1. Sep 10, 2009

    Rob Canyon


    Sounds like Lee’s seminar/workshop was not to be missed.

    Looks like a few notables were there too.

    Firmly, agree people got to network at live events to make it.

    Hope you had fun while you learned.



  2. Sep 30, 2009

    Dean Maseon

    Nice post — this really hits home for me.

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